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Our Services

Office Space Planning and Interior Design

Planning to take occupation of your office space is more than simple aesthetics. We take into account the dynamics of your organisations operational requirements now and in the future. Our experience and in depth knowledge enables us to work with you from a professional standpoint to deliver a working environment that suits your needs. We ensure that space is utilised as practically, ergonomically and efficiently as possible. Consultation and a workplace analysis can help define how a space can be structured to support your business objectives. Sometimes an ordinary design can make an extraordinary difference.

With the constant change in the workplace, demands are placed on businesses, directly impacting on their existing facilities. Need to accommodate additional staff, run out of office space or reached a level of congestion that is uncomfortable and unproductive; It can sometimes be difficult to understand how much space is needed. Whether there is a need to re-evaluate and refurbish your entire office space or part thereof, we work closely with you and in doing so, find solutions to improve productivity, maximum benefit out of your existing space, an alternative to acquiring additional office accommodation. Need to re-brand or rejuvenate your space we welcome the opportunity to give your business a fresh make over.

To comply with national building regulations we, together with specialist services, prepare plans and relative documentation for submission to council for scrutiny and approval.

Interior Infrastructure, Ceilings, Partitions and Light Construction

Our in-house team construct and install various partitions and ceilings systems in all its forms that meet the need of the modern workplace. Cost effective, it remains a fundamental part of the office infrastructure.

Drywall and Glass Partitioning ....

Drywall and glass partitioning, with the least amount of damage to interior infrastructure, it remains a cost effective system that has great flexibility allowing us to introduce various design elements and configurations from the simplest to the more intricate structures creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. Standard and customised doors and windows can be fitted to the partitioning to achieve the required results. Drywall surfaces can be painted or wallpapered. Glass partitioning is favourable and essential for light penetration. Drywall partitioning is also used to construct soundproof  and fire rated walls for confidentiality and the protection of network infrastructure  and   important   documentation.


Suspended Grid and Skimmed Plasterboard Ceilings and Bulkheads .....

Together with and like drywall partitioning, flush plastered or skimmed ceilings, bulkheads and suspended Grid Ceilings can be utilised in various forms. A well designed combination of these ceiling elements will without a doubt project a professional appearance to any boardroom or reception area. Like drywall, options are available to install soundproof and fire rated ceilings.


Associated Supplementary Services, Amongst Others… .....

Electrical and Lighting –  Data Cabling - Plumbing - Floor Coverings and Finishes – Wall Finishing and Painting - Joinery - Access Flooring – Access Control - Signage – Window Blinds – Vinyl Sandblasting and Artwork. ..........

Specialist Services ....

We have aligned ourselves with associated industry professionals to provide the following services:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Service Providers
  • Fire Detection and Installation Services Providers
  • Mechanical Engineers Consultants and Designers
  • Structural Engineers Consultants and Designers
  • Health and Safety Practitioners

Project Management and Site Supervision

Careful cost control and reporting during this process is carefully managed. When dealing with refurbishment it is potentially very disruptive, our planning, supervision and co-ordination of all activities that go into the construction and installation phase of the project, are carried out in a manner that will ensure the least disruption. We ensure the best results through our hands on approach. Also a synergy is formed in bridging the gap between Landlord and Tenant, Communication is also entered into with adjacent tenants if any, to ensure good relations is maintained all round during operations. DB Dynamics will ensure your office refurbishment or fit-out is as seamless a possible, a memorable positive experience that you won’t hesitate to undertake with us again. Once hand over has taken place, any issues that may occur and need resolving during the settling in period, we continue to support you during this time.

BEE Certification - Level 1 B-BBEE Recognition Level


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